Neo Futurist Manifesto

In movement circles there is much talk of returning to tradition. Of melancholic nostalgia for an imagined time before this or that influence corrupted the garden of Eden that once was.
Julius Evola once said that Traditionalism was the most revolutionary idea of our time. We at Futurism Forever reject this notion. Futurism is the most revolutionary idea of our time. We reject the past, and
sentimental feelings of nostalgia for what once was. We look only forward and upward for what lays ahead of us. We are the masters of our own destiny and we decide what the future of our nations will be like. Through our own will to power we can mold a future worth looking forward to, and we can destroy all that stands in the way of it’s realization. We have no use for the necrophiliac embrace of past times, that can not be recreated or revived. Nostalgia for the past is counter productive and counterrevolutionary and we regard all who engage in this pathetic behavior to be our enemies.
The promise of the American Dream has stagnated and in it’s place we have been broken down into a death machine defined by utilitarian cowardice, empty humanitarian gestures and debt slavery. There is nothing in our current environment that inspires greatness or deserves reverence as we are thrust into a nihilistic cycle of production and consumption. The complete and total destruction of the American shopping mall, will give way to a new era worth fighting and dying for. We wish to reignite the spirit of Fiume and boldly enter a new era defined by aggressiveness, fearlessness and revolt.
The 11 points of Neo-Futurism:

  1. A complete and utter annihilation of the past, all history political or material is to be thrown out
    to make way for a new worldview, one that does not need the university knowledge of long
    dead men to make it great!
  2. A worship of the youth, a complete and genuine hatred and wish to cast out the old things that
    no longer please us, old words that we have no use for and old traditions that have long lost
    their real meaning
  3. A distaste for the cries of the weak about “morality” of any kind and its twin brother of god
    given rights and peace between men! We shall only worship the strong and not give quarter to
    those who cannot bring themselves up through will to power
  4. A hatred for mental prisons like schools and “intellectuals” that deem to teach us what to think,
    No! We realize that a school matter’s just as much as the torch that could easily set it alight, and
    an intellectual, no matter how smart or well studied would be torn in half by the most mentally
    feeble caveman of old.
  5. A true realization of the original purpose of paper and books, for war, sex and violence!
    Knowledge exists only to strengthen the ur-man and bring forth the new-man and to allow us to
    wage war at an unprecedented level! We understand that the modern concept of one who reads
    or consumes knowledge is a weak mewling intellectual, and we wholly reject this! Instead
    Futurist “intellectual’s” shall have nothing but distaste for the mummification of creativity that
    books provide and instead only use them to further project him to greater heights.
  6. A rejection of stasis and an embrace of speed in all its forms, we futurists worship speed and
    reject the chains of morality! The blandness of songs, music, film, what we want is a dangerous
    speed, a speed that destroys us! Not to wither away in front of an electric box or a computer
    screen, but to live and die at a terminal velocity through life.
  7. A rejection of material class and in its stead a reign of violence and organized cultural
    vandalism instead of the current rule of inked paper and democratic vote.
  8. An embrace of violence, war and sex not just as a means to an end but as a vital propagation of
    life to counter-stagnation, we shall embrace the simple fact of history that all peoples are made
    great through their blood and seed.
  9. A embrace of both the mob and the sole orator that entices them to righteous violence!
  10. A rejection of skin color for an embrace of the sinew and bone that hold up muscle and flesh
    made into a fist.
    1. A final true understanding that modernity only exists because the modern men will it so!
      And that we “futurists” can make whatever future we believe in or whatever “modern world”
      we want, no founding father or past “intellectual” can decide otherwise. This manifesto should
      in a few years time be completely thrown out into the “dust bin” of history and burned
      alongside the rest of the outdated cultural trash to make way for a new doctrine

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