Futurism as a Life Affirming Worldview

(Marrineti and Benedetta Cappa)
Petty attacks have and will be leveled against futurism, that it is a “death cult” and that it promotes forms of Satanism/immorality or that it somehow is tied into forms of cult-degeneration like O9A and brain rot tier national socialism. They claim that Futurism is all about death and fatalism and killing and war and nothing else.

 In truth these things are either aspects of a greater whole or misrepresentations. Futurism is the head end of the Ouroboros that endlessly renews itself on death and birth, it is the omega in the life equation. The death and war that Futurism seeks can be compared as Marrinetti does to the hygiene that you practice everyday, ancient and modern warfare is the soaping and scrubbing of decay off the Earth/Human body. Futurism therefore praises war because of how it pushes humanity forward and is a brick in the glass window of the systems of old. For example the European Monarchies that were swept away by WW1. 

The fatalism of Futurism is also something to touch on, “fatalism” is a used and abused term like no other, it can mean anything from the depression/drug induced fatalism of Osamu Dazai to the fatalistic but in the end life affirming fatalistic careers of Ernst Junger/Miyamoto Musashi. I would say that futurism is the later form of fatalism, it is the fatalism of living dangerously and mocking death just like the Arditi did, the fatalism of adventure and progress, of the baby bird leaving his mothers nest not knowing if he would perish or survive. It is testing your will against the greater world, and conceding that you might die in your endeavors, but it is also the only way to truly live. 

When Futurism speaks on “fighting morality” it does not mean to act immorally like the O9A promotes but instead to fight against the current regime’s self imposed moral system. The morality of the church and state, it is anarchist and Nietzschean in this sense. 

Futurism is a life affirming ideology because it wants to push humanity to be the greatest it can possibly be, it wants to attain the best version of the future and not just keep tilting back towards a 1950s era past like the conservatives of America want, or in Marinetti’s time the Imperial Period of the Roman Empire that many Italian romanticists yearned for. 

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