Anarchistic Reflections by Caliph

I think at heart I’ve always been a sort of anarchist. Even at my most authoritarian my impulse has always been towards a sense of chaos and disorder; a state more so geared to help man’s creative desire take control. If anything it’d be like De Sade, although sexual libertines wouldn’t be the main goal of the state. But at the root of it, to take from Stirner, man is an ultimately sovereign being that can only be as powerful as be makes himself, this line of thinking comes to me from the observations of the modern fascists or far-right; a movement that is essentially meant to be hyper-collectivist but is the exactly opposite – hyper-individualists. Only the most particularly interesting personalities really rise to the top or get noticed, but there’s still thousands more with their own odd ideas and ends and in the end even those who rise to the top can get devoured by hungry piranhas looking for clout. Much of this goes for any extreme nowadays but I’ve mostly hung out the online fascists, which has ironically been such a hub for egoists it makes me smile.

But to return to topic, I am ultimately an anarchist in the fact that what moves me is a sort of rebellion against any rotting structure, anything stagnant, and especially anything that affirms the ideas (((equality)), a false concept of enlightenment idealists. I am not an anarchist in the desire of wanting communes, corporate feudalism, or some cheery mutualism. It is ultimately about an endless spiritual and material revolution within society, one without end; an avant-garde made into reality. In this sense, we would elevate ourselves into something beyond mankind. I’m not interested in whining about Jews behind the curtain, some brownies at McDonalds, or how some modern art is ugly. Let’s get creative. From the famous Post-leftist essay, “Your Politics are Boring As Fuck.”

“All political activity must be joyous and exciting in itself. You cannot escape from dreariness with more dreariness.”

And honestly I hope we can all take that to heart.

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