Just reviving old shit won’t help anybody retard by Melontyp

We live in a period, where the revival of ancient traditionalism seems to be a very reliable option. However, at least the internet majority of supporters of such ideas are gay, slow and fat. They do not have much creativity and debate online mostly about History. In the mean time they have fantasies of fucking submissive males or being submissive males themselves. Their homosexuality is mostly about shut in and weak males. If they were more like Yukio Mishima, it wouldn’t be such a disgrace.

In the modern first world we have an issue with spiritual emptiness and laziness. While on the material level we have everything we need, money won’t
make you very happy. This is also one of my reasons to never join the upper class and rather to stay working class. I’d rather have a loving family than 10 billion dollars. For example I have one Friend who is upper Class, his parents don’t hug him every day or kiss him on the forehead when he comes home. I won’t shit talk about him more because it would take too much time to write everything down.

Back on the Issue of Tradfags, they prefer to just copy things rather than make
something new. Not only is this boring and gay, for movements like Futurism and Fascism, it kills the spirit and undermines everything they stood for. It would be way better to learn from the past and make something truly

“From beneath the ruins of liberal, socialist, and democratic doctrines, Fascism
extracts those elements which are still vital. It preserves what may be described as “the acquired facts” of history; it rejects all else.” Signor Benito Mussolini, Doctrine of Fascism.

I think this quote fits well. I give you a tip, don’t be fat. If you are 20 and need a mobility scooter because you are a fat fuck, then honestly lose some fat or kill yourself. “Live like Athletes” like Sir Oswald Mosley said and not like a Fat ass that turns people away from whatever you are trying to promote.

One last Note today about academic standards. If there are academic standards
about Dada, then it’s the most retarded thing I have heard in a while. Dada
wants to destroy the boring schools and museums, wouldn’t it be against the
Dadaist Spirit to be taught in school? I say yes. Dada should not be taught in
school, it should be rather be taught by the Dadaists themselves independently
from schools and museums. Fuck the Museums for hanging Futurist Art. Art must be Free and available to everyone at any time. The Bourgeois
Museum Director of “Dadaist” Museums should be beaten up by karate trained
Dadaist Commandos.

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