My Head, My Property by Melontyp

Welcome to my Head, don’t care if you enjoy
To the Right we see a parade of Men that one would call Terrorists
On the Left the Entrance of my Hall made of Quartz
When you enter, you are greeted by Mussolini himself and gives you a little Tour
-Oh that Room? Nobody goes there, there is only Dust, a broken Record saying Racial Slurs and a German Man that looks Japanese lying dead on the Floor
Enter my Living Room, where I respect your Mom and have Tea Time with her
All the Rooms greet you with Fascist Symbols and Text in German
I am never alone here, different kind of Spooks house my Head
You wouldn’t believe me if I told you I am… Christian
At every Corner new and old Ideas pop up that make me drunk
There is a small Shop full of Alcohol, Cigars and Cocaine but I am addicted to Testosterone
Stop asking stupid Questions about “uuuh why is there sofa inside a whirlpool full of Milk?”
I don’t know either
Stop whining how your Eyes Hurt from the aggressive Colours everywhere
Oh and here what I want to show you, is my Giant Pool, everyday beautiful Tomboys
who are not real and never will be swim there in colorful Bikinis
To show you the Rest would take too long and your Mother called me to send you back
Therefore Stirner (who is high on Ketamine) will take you to the Exit

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