The Legend of Victim of Chungus by CSD

Long ago there was a Mestizo Indio boy named Artemio, who was wandering the deserts of Texas. One day on his Donkey named Alcaz, Artemio found a giant rabbit named Big Chungus. Big Chungus soon asked the young Artemio if he wanted some candy? Which Artemio said yes. When Artemio got the candy Chungus disappeared never to be seen again. Artemio did not think of it much and enjoyed his new candy. He soon became sleepy and fell asleep. When he awoke the next day Artemio realized his donkey Alcaz had been eaten by a monster. Artemio then realized that he felt a lot bigger and furrier. When he found a pond to look at himself, he realized he turned into a big rabbit just like Big Chungus. Artemio was soon found by a hungry hunter named Bumpkin who said that a nice fat rabbit right there. Bumpkin soon fired at Artemio on his mobility scooter and Artemio had to wobble away to the nearby forest. He was then chased by a Big Foot named Juan who wanted buck break the poor big rabbit Artemio but luckily, he escaped. Once he got to a nice place to hide, he passed out from exhaustion. While asleep George Floyd came into Artemio dreams to tell him that “our young generation is clearly lost.” George also told Artemio that he had become a saint and that he needs Artemio to spread his story and message to the world. Artemio soon awoke with not only a new goal but a new name, Saint Chungus, or sometimes referred to as Victim of Chungus. He soon wrote down everything Saint Floyd had told him about our young generation, how to do fentanyl, bang some bitches in a porno and how thug shaking was the true cycle of history one of the most holiest of Floyd teaching. He also wrote down the story of Floyd being kneeled on by demonic cops and how this inspired the great George Floyd Uprisings. Where Floyds followers thousands of years ago overthrew demonic entity known as the Donald. Not to mention how George Floyd had died for our sins. Saint Chungus with the Approval of George Floyd connected this idea with Georges Sorels idea of Myth that inspired the masses to overthrow The Donald and established the civilization led by the Thug Hunters and Shakers. This book that Saint Chungus had written would soon be known as the George Floyd Bible. Saint Chungus would soon leave the forest to spread the gospel of George Floyd. On his journey he met an autistic man named Karl who was being attacked by a mongrel warlord named Haz. Saint Chungus approached Haz and his army and warned him to stop or else. Haz raised his sword and Chungus said a gamer word that immediately buck broke Haz and caused him to fall on his knees along with the rest of his army to beg Saint Artemio forgiveness which Saint Chungus did because he knew that’s what George Floyd commanded. Zoltanous another warlord saw all of this from a distance and approached Saint Chungus with his army and asked him how he did it? Which Chungus responded with I sharted. This got zoltanous’s army to follow Saint Chungus. Zoltanous enraged try to rape the Saint but the Saint Chungus through power of George Floyd gave Chungus the power of Giovani Gentile to turn Zoltanous into nothing but pure thought. Then Chungus said I sharted in his mouth. Once again Saint Chungus had proven he was the messenger of George Floyd. Saint Chungus has shown time and time again that he was the true follower of Floyd and the True leader of the movement. One day Saint Chungus met a beautiful women named Faust. Chungus fell in love with the woman and decided to propose on the bridge at the Grand Canyon. When he was about to propose a giant Black Italian man named Gio said move bitch, get the fuck out of my way its black history month and pushed Faust off the bridge. Falling to her death. Gio’s servant Lord Dark would respond ‘das rite massa Gio.’ Gio would say grab that fat rabbit Dark and fry him. Which Dark did and Saint Chungus was no more.

When Saint Chungus got to heaven, he was not only greeted by George Floyd but by a bunch of other brown men such as Gaddafi, Assad, Saddam, Billy Cornpop, Angelo, Cultured Thug, Mussolini, Stalin, George Washington, and brownnest man of all CSD. All of them congratulated Chungus for his achievements and he was awarded with not only heaven but being a human and fat white boy. THE END THAT’S ALL FOLKS. Manydog may have many dogs but he has a small dong according to….. Lain….. I think maybe James but I’m suppose to be nice to him……. James is GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY as hell.

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