Eve of my Death by Ezra S.

let a thousand flowers bloom
to mark the eve of my death,
on the green base of my tomb
once i take my final breath.
let no man or woman mourn,
the conclusion to this play.
let not your heart become torn
on that blue and tranquil day.
do not cry, do not pity.
my fate was God’s will deserved.
‘he was a good soul.’ said He,
‘let his actions be preserved.’
i want to be remembered.
deep down, that’s always been true.
in a world that’s self centered,
i always thought about you,
because my life meant nothing.
nothing on its own, atleast,
but with you, i was something.
a human, not a wild beast.
with you, i could be truthful,
you saw the ‘me’ that was true.
please, let my death be useful,
let a thousand flowers bloom.

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