The State of Neuburg By Melontyp

Chapter one
Finally, a glimpse of the great island where artists and various fanatics form a society on an extravagant tropical island. It took me too much time to fly to Cuba and to sail from there. After the Ship halted and I could finally leave, my papers got controlled by two rather fashionable soldiers. One Soldier was wearing a Japanese headband like the one Mishima wore on his final day, a black Balaclava under that, an extra white wife beater with the states badge sewed on it and wide black pants with leather boots under it. The other soldier almost didn’t look like a soldier at all. Instead he walked around with a very aesthetically pleasing purple/orange Hawaiian shirt with a Marlboro cigarette pack in his front pocket, classic pilot sunglasses that fit his long hair, short red pants while he wore white sneakers while wearing his State Badge around his neck like a detective. On this Island, soldiers are very free to wear what they want as long they can perform their duty in their outfits, the only thing they all have is their badge, a gun and a melee weapon. They let me through and I could finally start to explore the city and head to my hotel. The street lamps were made out of white stone, the stone was twisted so it looks like there was a tiny stair where mice could climb up to the umbrella type lamp on top. There was even a streetlamp disguised as a palm tree, to blend in with the many different palm trees scattered around the whole city. The Street is painted in pure black, while the footpath is painted in very abstract and colourful patterns that look hypnotizing. Almost all of these buildings were white, there are designed in such shapes that they seem brutal, enormous, powerful and over the top. Every window hat a different colour, everywhere on the buildings were neon lights to accompany them. The whole city gives such a neo-80s feeling like a Vaporwave album cover. However on the inside of those houses the people are free to decorate it however they want. That bookshop on the left is full of Bolshevist symbolism, the coiffeur near the gym is absolutely owned by a member of Hamas, the gym itself is built in honour of Mussolini and the church interior looks it was built in the 9th Century. The People themselves dress up so weird you can’t walk around like that in a normal Country. We got soldiers from another era, people still stuck in the 80s, national costume from different nations, mafioso’s, futurist clothing, terrorists, punks and people mixing whatever clothes they want to. Honestly a normal black suit makes me look like a complete stranger here. When I arrived inside of the Hotel, I was shocked by how unreal it looked like. The floor was black with pink lines stretching themselves all over it, the walls where a bit white when they touched the floor but otherwise were painted in an elegant light blue. Also on the walls were pictures of Mussolini and some of his Quotes like “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state” or “Let us have a dagger between our teeth, a bomb in our hands and an infinite scorn in our hearts”. There were Roman pillars lightly shined on by the blue neon light, simple but comfortable looking armchairs were scattered all over the room with modern tables to accompany them. The receptions table was like out of roman marble and there was a statue of Mussolini’s enormous head and the music of this place was definitely some Vaporwave stuff. I recognized the rceptionist, it was my old friend named Mia. She came here 2 years prior to me and even got a tan. Her dress was rectangular, colourful and abstract, with a white Shirt under that and black thighs to the knee.
“Hello Mia, how are you today?”
“Bernd? Oh hello, yeah things are fine hope you are fine as well, anyway what brings you here on this island?”
“I got a job as brewer here, I got to be in this hotel for at least a week until I can find an apartment.”
“Wait, at Kaiser Ludwig? Respect. So for your room, it will be number 306 on the third floor and what money do you have on you?”
“I got Euros of course.”
“It costs 315 Euros, but for you only 300.”
“I thank you very much, also how about you show me the city a bit tomorrow?”
“Sure, tomorrow I got free so come around 1pm here again.”
“Sounds great”
Then I went off to my room, in front of the Reception Table was the first floor with an Elevator at the end. Along the walls where Futurist type of paintings, I assume the people of this island made it themselves. The floor was a marble white, with purple neon lights to shine on the floor and walls. Inside of the elevator, the buttons where scattered on the colourful walls with other fake buttons, it took me a bit to find the button for floor 3. The third floor walls were crimson red, the floor was black and the ceiling was with yellow neon light and on the walls were, to my surprise, paintings of various famous Communists like Lenin and Guevara. “How” I thought to myself, “how was this possible to exist, what is with inner decoration from Fascist to Communist? I have to ask Mia about that tomorrow.” Well, the door of my Room was out of dark oak wood. Stepping inside it looked rather simple. A big white bed, a cabinet made out of iron and glass, a dark oak wood cabinet with a flat screen TV on top. Everything else was white, except the oak floor. The bathroom looked normal and there was also a small balcony with a golden ashtray. The lights here are too neon lights and you could change the colour with remote control. Seriously, the people here have a weird obsession with neon lights, I have many questions on how this place works but I will rest for tonight.

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