To a Sodomite Nationalism by Soltheist

The Dance, Henri Matisse

The question has always been assimilation and destruction of our identity, or a just hostility and scorn for the wretched world which entrapped us. When I say scorn, I mean limitless hate of the invasive enemy, of the invisible enemy, of the assaulting hordes.

All acts are justified by virtue of self-defense, there are no excuses to be made for the terror. You are completely alien to them, you are foreign to them and they are foreign to you. Their actions against you did not need to happen, so our actions against them are necessitated. There is no action taken against the enemy which is wrong. It is righteous to destroy their sickly reality. Triumph awaits the martyred and the veteran among us, failure awaits the softened underbelly and those who hide away from just action.

To a sodomite nationalism, and to victory in martyrdom or a victory with the living. Avanti.

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