School Poems by Melontyp

Montenegrin Dreaming by Melontyp

Various Poems and Thoughts written down during 3 Weeks of School

During School, I was freezing. When finally that blessed Midday came, I rushed
down the Mountain in Übermensch Speed to a wonderful Restaurant. After that,
I came back as a tired man from running up and down to School that lies on a
fucking Mountain.

Rauf! Rauf auf dem Berg.
Meine Beine tuhen weh aber das is mir egal

Every day when I rise from my Bed, I take a Shower. Although, no matter how
good I clean myself, I never felt truly clean from all the filth I get from School.
The dirt I get from sitting 3 Weeks in some dead Building cannot be cleaned by
daily Showers.

Da Gorilla woosh
He flyin weee
Uauauau collect da Banana wosh weee

Too long! Too long! My Hair is tickling my Ears! I cannot control it anymore. To
enforce rule over my Hair, yes. To enforce Discipline over myself, my desires and
my hair yes yes yes.

The colour Yellow is cursed. Flickering. Glowing, turning from 2D to 3D. I hope
only my Eyes are fooling me, someone call a painter

Wearing my Pants feel like someone cutting my Leg with a Razer. Someone
pleas free from my Pants.

I walk into School, I don’t see cute Women. I walk on the Street, I see cute
Women. What is this nonsense?

5 years ago I saw in the mirror a pathetic weak boy, with no Mass and no class.
Today when I look in the Mirror, I see a well formed young Man that can truly
call himself a good looking. In the Future, I will see a muscled Man that
extended himself with Machines

The other day on the Street I saw a very cute baby Shiba Dog. I have zero clue
what it does in Switzerland however, it approached me with playful delight but
sadly got pulled away by its Owners leash. Cute Dog.

Mishima! Mishima! Told me my Mind. This Man, I don’t know why but he takes
me, abducts me, and imprisons me with his Words. Is Japanese Imperialism
taking over my Mind? Why does Mishima interest me? Again and again my Boss
talks about his homosexuality and Retardation. Again and again I get myself
drunk with his Charm, his Words and his prideful Marching songs. That give
such a daring and adventurous feeling.

Is it worth it to break a Friends heart? Fucking Déjà vu I tell ya. Same Man
different Woman, I have already experienced that. I don’t want to lose a friend
for nothing. Fuck, fuck, fuck I should have learned, History is a bitch, I already
know exactly It won’t be the same anymore


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