On Fascism, Futurism and the Future of Revolutionary Politics by Hans Wagner

Due to the events that have currently taken place in Ukraine it has become apparently clear the division that has arisen in the current line of thinking of the fascist and third positionist movement and how that and other personal divisions have led to a tear in any actual serious attempt to organize under a single idea or vision.

Although the division over Ukraine is not the first instance of division that has occurred in the current line of thinking, other examples including the infiltration of national socialist and reactionary agents and theorists into the current movement and the general religious aspects of the entire thing has led to even more division. It has become a horrendous tangle of drama and personal politics that have led to stagnation and a general attempt to make any serious progress. Besides that, any actual person that tries to make a serious attempt at their political vision which they try to represent is coated in hypocrisy and collaboration with neo-nazis and reactionary pigs, that wish to send us back into the late iron age and have no views for the future except the republican idea of the status quo. It seems clear that the only solution for this reactionary filth that tries to feed off the corpse of the current movement is to purge it, to burn down and obliterate any idea of collaboration with conservatism, or any reactionary idea such as Francoism or the worship of the old. This does nothing but clog up the machine that tries to move forward and build up an actual future, and yet the people that try to make any attempt to criticize this movement is built by antagonism and hatred from fellow comrades that bring up accusations of state liberalism and degeneracy, that destroys any chance to make a critique of the filthy system that exists today. Yet there is a way of fixing this system; a way to clean it. It is to completely break it; it is to make a new organization of ideal nationalists who aren’t stuck in the past and worship conservative doctrine. An organization that is truly revolutionary and looks towards the future.

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