The State of Neuburg Chapter 2 by Melontyp

Chapter 2

I was dancing in a very colourful Disco. I danced with very beautiful Women untilI ended up at a giant black table. There was a man sitting there with an Orange coloured Glass Mask covering his whole Face. His Suit was Azure Blue with thin White Stripes all over it. His shirt was white and open and you could see his massive Gold Chain. I sat myself besides this stranger, while he took out some items out of his Pockets. On the left Hand a 1000 US-Dollar bill, on the right hand golden straight Dagger with the Insignia “Deus lo vult”. I stared at both items very intensely until I heard Gunshots and the whole crowd screaming. I woke up shocked and full of cold sweet and realized, to my surprised, someone was knocking at my balcony door. I opened the Door and saw a Red Amazon Parrot, he then said

“Wake up idiot”.
“I am already awake bitch”
“I fucked you’re mom hahaha”

With those Words, it flew away, this goddamn parrot, next time I hang him from this very Balcony when I see it.

It was 12:00, I had to prepare myself quick if I wanted to meet Mia. Showering,
some morning sport a normal routine nothing special. For my Outfit, it would be embarrassing to wear the Black Suit like yesterday, instead I wore a Dark Blue Suit, with a slightly open Black Shirt under it. Due to the sheer absurdity of style of Clothing these People were wearing, I packed out my golden Eisenkreuz that was a Gift from my Uncle when I was younger, he sadly died 11 years ago with my Father in a Car crash. They crashed in a Lorry full of Oil, and their Bodies got fully eaten up by flames as the Police claims. I strapped the golden Eisenkreuz on my petit gold chain and went off into the Lobby at around 12:55. Mia was already waiting for me. Today she had a big straw hat, accompanied by broad red trouser carried by red suspenders. Including black sandals and a blue shirt with the symbol of the Falange on the whole back. Mia greeted me with the

“There you are Bernd, I don’t have much time until Work starts again, and I want to show you a Friend.”

We walked out of the Lobby quickly into the City. The Street was quite Busy and
even the Cars here are weird. Golden Ladas, various military Jeeps and the
Soldiers drive in modern APCs. On the way we also saw a Park, it was called
Park Central if I remember correctly. Anyway it had a giant Roman Fountain
wrapped in Christian Symbolism, in the middle with a glorious Statue of Lord
Jesus Christus out of Marble on top of it. The Park was centred on that Statue,
with purple spiral Lanterns, some Banana Trees to decorate it. After we passed
by, we stopped at the Library full of Bolshevist Symbolism. Hammers and Sickles were carved into the Windows and as Display where the usual Communist Books where on show like das Kapital, State and Revolution etc. All that wrapped in Red Neon Light with a Soviet Union Flag waving in front of the entrance.

When we entered, I instantly got a sad feeling. The Floor was made of black
Stone, the Walls where in a deep purple also covered in old nostalgic Soviet
Posters. The Books shelf where simple made of oak wood, full of colourful
books. There wasn’t much Light in here, mostly strips of purple neon light where illuminating this place. When we got further into this Shop, we saw a much older man behind a brutal oak desk in front of a Giant Picture of Lenin. This man had a mop black beard, with a grey flat cap and a white shirt with black suspenders. The man approached us with the words:

“Ah Mia it’s you, hope you are well, so is this the friend you wanted to show
And Mia responded:
“Yes Kaz, that’s Bernd”
I shaked hands with Kaz and he said:
“My name is Kazamir Zadachin, but everybody just calls me Kaz”
So I responded with:
“My name is Bernd Bäcker, very happy to meet you.”
Then Kaz had to say:
“Mia already told me you want to know more about Neuburg so sit down and
have a listen.”

He brought us two dark Chairs, he also wanted to give us some Coffee but we
refused due to the fact that Mia doesn’t have much time. So he started his Story
with the words: “I live here since around 10 years already and I have to say I
really like it here, that doesn’t mean I hate my Home Country Russia but
Neuburg is much more interesting. Here, I manage a Book Shop not just about
Communism, I got other Books about different Topics like for example some
Lovecraft and I also like to help at the nearby Orthodox Church. Back when the
USSR was still around, I was a Soldier in Afghanistan from start to finish. Also
involved in Protests when the Soviet Union fell. But I know all that Russian past
isn’t that interesting to you, so I tell you better about this place and how it
works. The Reason why this Place hasn’t gone to Hell due to all those armed
and radically different People is because of their Loyalty to the State, their Desire to create and the radical Anti-Americanism by the State. Here, you will never see one American or Israeli Flag, this State is also very Anti-Capitalist by organizing its Industry in Syndicates. Also, it has Troops send to Syria for example to show its Anti-Americanism. And as you may already know, the main Reason of this Island existences is by creating Art. Books, Films, Shows, Paintings, Statues whatever you can think of you can create is going to be State supported if it’s made well. It is also very encouraged to decorate his House with much care for Aesthetics. But what you need to stay here is absolute Loyalty to the State, or rather to Mr Neuburg himself. Recently the Anarchists are doing some Trouble, therefore I advise you not to talk to them until the Situation has calmed, or otherwise you could be suspected of treachery.”
Mia stood up and said:
“Thank you Kaz for that Introduction for Bernd, but we have to go I have to
show him something before I go to work.”
We all said goodbye to each other and we went out of the Store into the
aesthetically pleasing Streets, I would like to meet Kazimir again.

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