The Aquatic Modernism Manifesto by Melontyp

Out of the Ocean we arise to bring you this Message. We, Aquatic Modernist, Sea People of a new Age shall proclaim Aquacracy in every Art form. We shall give Water the Glory it deserves, to make it more holy then it ever was. Water, a true blessing from God. Water conquered more of the Earth then the great Khan. God precisely knew the destructive power of Water when he flooded the Earth. Every Life form on this blue Planet needs Water to function properly. Therefore we spread our Points brought to us, with the blessing of God, the Fish of the Sea:

1. We must glorify Water in all its forms and ways in every Art piece that we create.

2. Our Buildings will be flooded with Water, it must accompany us in every possible Room, and it is after all, our Main Theme in Building.

3. The fear of Deep Water is the most cowardly thing imaginable and must be eradicated at all cost, our Houses must scare these Thalassophobes to Death and beyond.

4.We shall flood away all the Waterless Ideas of the past like God flooded the Earth, we will show mercy to older Ideas that show the Ocean respect that it deserves.

5. Ocean grunge shall be our favorite Music of choice.

6. We proclaim two kinds of Aquatic Modernism: Conquered Aquatic Modernism (CAM) and Wild Aquatic Modernism (WAM)

7. Conquered Aquatic Modernism is our attempt to capture Water in a controlled way, to bend its destructive Power to our likings and to our Modernism.

8. Wild Aquatic Modernism is the more destructive side of Water. Here, we glorify the ruthlessness of the Sea and its destructiveness. It is our Primary Weapon to revenge every kind of Injustice that has been made against the See in the most violent Form.

9. We deeply care for the Sea, therefore we wish to clean it from all the Garbage that floats on it and to protect its Inhabitants from Human Waste. Our poor Sea, how the Humans mistreated you, it is not only a Crime to the Sea but also to Humanity to soil the Environment.

10.We need to further the development of Technology into exploring the Sea to the narrow underwater Caves to the deepest Trenches.

11.We wish to transform the Human way of live into living in the Ocean. We must learn to live fully from the Sea and without the Main Land, this shall be the Meer Mensch (Sea Human).

Now what you heard what the Water of the World demands, we go back to our Submarines to explore the Ocean fully. This is our deepest wish, to explore the Ocean every day without an end. From the Surface cluttered with beautiful coral to the deepest Trenches filled with Alien Fish that look like Monsters. Who knows, maybe we find something more Lovecraftian down there then you are too scared off to find. It is a very dangerous Job, but we do not care about our Death, our Corpses will be a fine Treasure for the next fearless Diver. All what we want, is the glorification of the Sea.

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