élan vitale by Ronin

Gerardo Dottori. Partita di calcio. 1928.

“The problem with right-wing art is that it’s explicitly political art made by people who are not right-wing when what we actually need is apolitical art made by people who are openly right-wing extremists.”
— Anon

The above mentioned quote is why I believe our art has been lacking. Its not composition which has us lacking (we have many superior artists of every kind). What we don’t have is taste. Whether we are hamstrung by making everything about Swastikas/Third Reich/Mussolini etc. OR we can not express our growing sense of Vitalism because it is considered “impious” or “degenerate” by spiritually old-hags.
I made this channel https://t.me/RoninoftheNight because I believe we are capable of so much beyond posting about a very specific time period or vibe. What we BRING to the UNIVERSE is élan vitale.
Imagine if Celine was told not to write about prostitutes and gangsters because it was “degenerate”. Or Mishima to unveil the mystery of the sexual pervert (in confessions of a mask) because it delved into something “naughty”. Or any number of great artists who would have been snuffed out by a gross old woman spirit?
Or worse, we are being held back because we can’t let go of imagery from our past. Especially because it is trying to live someone else’s glory. It is right to honor our ancestors, but we may only honor them if we surpass them! And we have that potential in us.
Our content should be about VITAL LIFE that is apolitical. The way we perceive and accentuated our content makes us who we are.
Art is a woman, and every woman wants to be seduced. Every seduction is suggestive/between-the-lines and not outright.
No woman will ever give it to you by just saying, “hey, wanna fuck?” No.
Be implicit, be beautiful, be tactful, and tease!

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