Strange Dream by Melontyp

Last Night Dream was worth telling. So come her and give an Ear. It started with me walking through some broken eastern European Town to a Clothing shop. After I entered, I bought a blue Falangist Shirt and a Green Shirt just like one Codreanu had. Also there, I got a glimpse of myself in a Mirror and listen carefully. I had wide and comfortable Black Pants with Serbian Flags, Crosses, the Iron Guard Cross etc…

Paired with a wide and comfortable Sweatshirt without Hood, on there was Che’s Face with the Colours of White and Red. Around the Neck, was a Red Bandana where you could clearly see a Black Hammer and Sickle in a white Circle. And all of that paired with Black Boots. I walked out in the Store in Orange light, presumably back to my Home. Out of all the things you can Dream of, I get this strange Message.

One could say that Dreams mean nothing, but I am not one of them. My next Steps will be known shortly…

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