Desire for Violence by Avanti Rossa

My desire for violence comes from my hatred of the accomplices, the lazy and the crazy
standing on their ivory mounds of hammer and sickle gilded
Lecture on the achievements of ashes and failure 
let them worship in peace and quiet 
while I roar at the top of my lungs as Marxism rises anew from the promises of the future
From the darkness of the past comes the dawn of the future
From this I draw my inspiration and my devotion
And so stands the traditionalist in my way
Garbed in their shitheel attire
Let them live in their delusions and watch as the ax falls on them
Because they were too busy looking at the past to see what was above
I dont stand for the lost
I dont stand for those without principle
I stand for myself and my class
I stand on the neck of the traitor and the complicit
Who is it who stands in the way of violence?
Who is it to stand against the tide of the wave of revolution?
Who is it to stand against such beauty?
Who is it to be such a fool?
The gilded Socialists
The foolish Traditionalist
The blind Patriots 
They all kneel to the same God
I and the Brave stand on the banks of the River Styx
Awakening the dead with the drums of war
Class war and the drums of Future Humanity
My desire for violence comes from my desire for Freedom and Communism

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