Spectacles of Virtue by Avanti Rossa

The Barbarians, 1937, Max Ernst
Spectacles of virtue
 you must be offended by the downtrodden and despair you have created 
however fear not for here you are 
with your crown of thorns spun of gold and silver
Whatever could be done without the glory of your presence?
“Get out and vote” you say
For Mammon of Red, White and Blue
“The Youth are getting involved” you boast
But you are the reason they get involved?

Oh Spectacles of Virtue
How great you must be to brag about your “union”
How brave of you to gravel at the feet of those you call “leeches”
Cowardice is not your forte as posting about your chivalry is
A hawk of blue is your banner and your moralism is your Armor 
What a brilliant Knight of Justice you are
When you prop up portraits of the masses while you turn your back on them

Sadly I am not a Spectacle of Virtue
I am a Spectre of Destruction
A Fascist of the Hammer and Sickle variety
My slogan is Avanti Barbari 
Yours is Sostieni la moralita
My god is Marxism and Futurism
Yours is a Mirror and a Rose

You are a dog that follows and feigns its bite
But we are Wolves, we don't need virtue or spectacles
All we need is ourselves

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