They Don’t Care by Avanti Rossa

Raymond Pettibon, No Title (With brows knitted), 2011
They don't care
No matter all your pleading 
All your reasoning
They do not care

Give them your best 
And they will shrug
Because they don't care
Weep and show the bodies
And they still don't care

If they cared
Do you think they would be talking to you?
If they cared, why would they be where they are?
If they cared, why would they believe what they do?
Without any thought 
Its because they don't care

Care takes dedication
Care take thought
Care takes principle
All three they don't have
Because they don't care

So why should you care?
Care about the coward?
Care about the snake?
Care about the craven?
Care for the waste of space?
For them I Don't care

Because they simply don't and won't care
So why should we

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