Graveyard Part 3: Killer by Perturbator

The Killer is wandering
The land of the dead 
Seeking revenge 
From those who live for life
Not death

The rebellious lovers kiss atop the dead
As one feels a sharp pain in his tent
Oh how horrible it is for him to die
Before reaching the peak of his life! 

The killing continues
And the fingered whore cums 

A machete lands upon his beautiful fingers
Screams fail to pierce the musical clouds
And the whore begs for a mercy
That will never be granted 

The killing continues
And the lover starts kissing her cunt

The lover raises his head
Hoping to see his beautiful Aphrodite in bondage
He raises his head and sees something savage 
The headless body, soulless and dead 

The land of the dead
The realm of the old 
The Ancient continues taking revenge
On those who pursue life, not death 

The killing continues 
And the young man starts licking the boot 

How tasty, dirt from the lover's sole! 
Oh what is this? 
Now it's all blood and gore! 

Violence erupts 
And more blood spills 
Across the land of the dead 
None will be spared 

Finally the music ends
Just when the last of the youth dies 

This was revenge
Revenge of the dead
From those who lived in the present
Not the past

How can we be safe from their revenge
If they continue to haunt our very memories
From those accursed temples we call graves? 

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