Runaway Boy by Melontyp

“Screw you Mom!“ Proclaimed the little child proudly, while running away from his home. His Mother, sobbing more intense by the second, heartbroken by the fact that her only boy was running away, screamed that he should return immediately. The Teenager didn’t listen to her at all, and kept on running. He had a “foolproof” plan for his escape, he precisely ran away when his father was at work, on top of that he brought his favorite military jacket, along with some money, a 20 Euro Knife from China, his phone with air pods and his favorite internet Books printed on many A4 sheets on paper. He moved as fast as he could to the nearest train station and took the next train to Z-City. He sat in the modern train and couldn’t wait for his self-made adventure while he was fazed at the full moon.

The train was very fast and so at the train station, he already was looking out for trouble. He saw some policemen arrest some unlucky criminals that had multiple bags with guns and all sorts of different drugs. He sneaked as well as he could to grab one bag, behind a nearby car he stole a bag without the policemen looking and ran away in the nearest alleyway. He moved for quite a while, in a different alleyway, far away from the Z-City Train station, he examined the bag he just stole. He found a rusty Colt Python, along with some needles, pills and a black balaclava. The little brat thought he was a new age Cowboy. Third step of him plan was achieved, he got all the materials he thinks he needs to survive in the big city. While reading his “based” books, he figured out that he should form a gang, as it’s the ideal male society for him. But first, he has to make a name for himself.

He made his move, with a revolver in his pocket and a balaclava on his head. He strived to find some poor soul to rob and he found his victim. Some half-dead drug addict near a garbage container that probably lived in the cardboard box next to him. “Give me your Money” said the kid in his deepest while putting his revolver to the poor lads head. He gave no response, so the kid gave him furiously a kick in the nuts. Still, no response. He faintly heard some steps nearby, the steps where louder and louder until he heard a voice. “Who is this kiddo?” “I don’t know bro, and what’s he doin’ to John over there?” The little guy looked behind him, and there were two grown men wearing green clothing looking confused at him. This was definitely not part of his plan, both strangers hold their hands into their pockets. “Yo George, he doesn’t look like he belongs to any gang here” “Lets fuck him up.” Both Gangster brought their Glocks out of their Pockets. The wannabe Cowboy aimed at one of them and shot all his shots at both of them, while panicking for his life. In a loud scream one punk fell to the ground. The other one, unharmed, sprayed his Glock at him, while the youngster tried to flee. Some shots scratched him, but he ran so fast that the thug lost track of him. Running for his life for at least half an hour, he found an empty garbage container and hid in there. He lifted the cover a bit to see if anybody is nearby, but he indeed was safe from these low life thugs.

Out of nowhere he heard a voice calmly saying “Little child, what are you doing in a garbage container?” He panicked again and jumped out of the container immediately. He saw a man in long black robes, a weird cylinder shaped hat with a long chain around his neck and a long, well maintained, white beard. He said as deep as he could: “Not on step near, I will kill you.” While pointing his Revolver at the unusual looking man. “Why are you doing this? Where are your Parents?” The little boy started to sweat, with closed eyes he anxiously pulled the trigger, with no success, the chambers were all empty! The man asked in a calmer manner: “Tell me, why did you try to shoot at me? And what are you doing out there all alone?” The little teenager told him in an embarrassed manner:” I wanted glory for myself and I figured out that the best way is by making my own gang.” “No disrespect to you, but you seem like you’re twelve and who told you this?” The wannabe Mafioso pulled out his A4 Sheets of paper and showed them to the stranger. His old face became a bit angrier and had to say “Listen here, I know these kinds of Books made by these delusional people all around the world. I read them a lot when I was a youngster. I only realized that they were garbage, when I was beat down and almost drowning in my own puke in some rotten alleyway. On that day, an unfamiliar man came and brought me to his humble house. There, when I woke up, he showed me the one true way and from that on, I followed his footsteps.” The boy looked amazed at him and his story. “So, could you go back to your parents?” The toddler became angry just by mentioning his parents. He ran away again into the dark streets while sobbing and searching for the nearest metro, while the old man knew, the child will go back to his parents.

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