Right Wing Cancel Culture by Gio

Many on the right wing like to wail and whine about left wing cancel culture and censorship. We hear it all the time:

“I got banned from Twitter just for calling people n!gg!rs and f!gg!ts. My civil rights! My free speech!!”

But we simply cannot ignore the long tradition of right wing cancel culture. I would go so far as to say that cancel culture and whining about shit is what being right wing is all about. We all remember Hitlers war on “degenerate” art, the video nasties, the satanic panic. The list goes on. The right are the sworn enemies of artistic expression and innovation. Anything taboo, or controversial, or potentially uncomfortable (for them) is off the table. Not content with just not consuming the media they don’t like, they go one further and try and enforce their boring tastes on everyone else. They censor, they ban, they run smear campaigns, they blacklist, they cancel. It’s definitely worth keeping this in mind when they start whining when it begins happening to them.

I guess this article has been inspired by Elon Musks campaign to make Twitter a “free speech” platform.

First of all I don’t support freedom of speech as some kind of moral absolute. I think there is acceptable speech and unacceptable speech. If you aren’t able to communicate without using racial slurs, then you’re kinda a drag to have around and I don’t really care if Twitter bans you. If you think praising mass shooters should be acceptable speech, then I kinda think your a sick and repulsive person, and again I don’t really care if you get banned. I don’t think people should be banned just for holding unpopular opinions, but they should be able to communicate their ideas in a respectful and tasteful manner. If they are not disciplined enough or not intelligent enough to acknowledge the rules and work around them, then they are too stupid to exist on twitter. Sorry, not sorry. I used to be a Fascist and never got banned. How did I escape the banhammer? By not using racial slurs or calling for violence against X group. Twitter is a mainstream platform. Generally if you wouldn’t say something in public then you probably shouldn’t say it on Twitter either.

There currently are free speech social networking sites like Gab that exist, but they are very much far right ghettoes, that normal people do not like to go to and for good reason. Most people don’t actually want to be called a nigger because they believe that the holocaust happened. Free speech absolutism protects the right of obnoxious trolls to be a public nuisance for the sake of preserving a retarded liberal idea, that people should be free to say whatever they want, whenever they want. What makes Twitter tolerable is the most depraved people eventually do get themselves kicked for good. On Gab you never meet anyone interesting. It’s just Q-tards and Nazi white trash because that’s who free speech platforms are for.

The real question that arises is should we even care when right wingers get themselves banned? No. There is no open market place of ideas, there is only power. And those who hold it dictate what speech is acceptable and what speech is unacceptable. The left have controlled the social institutions for quite some time now, so right wing views are more frequently suppressed. But this has not always been the case, and we should not pretend like the right does not behave exactly the same when they hold onto these positions. It’s just their biases are informed by religious dogma rather than woke theory.

This is not unique to the right, I hate the cancel culture of the left too, but I haven’t felt like punching left lately tbh. With that being said, left and right cancel culture mirror each other pretty consistently. They’re both obnoxious moralists for sure. They both play the victim card, until they’re in a position of control and then aim to suppress all views that don’t line up with their morality or their ideological dogma. They both seem to love the sound of their own voice when it is complaining about being offended by something. And here at FF we think they are both boring prudes.

FF supports freedom of expression. Really I don’t think that any subject should be off limits. I oppose right wing cancel culture for much of the same reasons that I oppose the left wing kind. Both stifle creative freedom, freedom of thought and yes, freedom of speech. Obviously, we here at FF like modern art, horror movies, punk and rap music, and various other styles and genres that have run afoul with right wing morality fags. I do think certain things aren’t always appropriate for all situations, but I wouldn’t ban any of them outright. You aren’t going to listen to Cannibal Corpse with your grandma because it would be inappropriate. BDSM shouldn’t be promoted to children (ahem) but I don’t really have a problem with consenting adults engaging in it in private. You can’t say the N word on Twitter, because it’s inappropriate. If you said it at work you would probably be fired. If you said it at the bar on Friday night, you would probably get swung on. If you say it on Twitter, you will probably be banned. We just don’t talk that way in polite society anymore. Adapt or die out. I guess you could say it on Gab, where nobody cares, if you’re so inclined, but I should have the freedom to not have to be annoyed by you guys all the time.

Really, I don’t think that Musk is going to turn Twitter into a free speech platform like Gab. The circle of what constitutes acceptable speech will shift a little further right, and dudes like Jordan Peterson and Trump will be allowed back on the platform, meanwhile the far left will now be fair game for censorship and bannings, where before they weren’t really. But people on the far right will continue to experience this as well, for the time being. But it’s a slippery slope, and I for one hope to not see the right in a position of control over my speech ever again. They have a long track record of being even more authoritarian and hostile to opposing points of view than the left, and will be so again, should they get back into control. I am also more worried about FF being fucked with from a right wing owned Twitter than a woke left owned twitter, as in the two years FF has been around we’ve been attacked almost exclusively by right wingers. I kind of know the rules of what I can and can’t say with the woke left and I can work around the rules that I don’t really like. But Musk seems to be making this shit up as he goes along. I just hope he doesn’t implement the same free speech absolutism as Torba over at Gab. It would turn Twitter into an even bigger sewer than it already is.

3 thoughts on “Right Wing Cancel Culture by Gio”

  1. There is absolutely no meaningful distinction between you and a regular Liberal/Consumer/Netflix watcher.

    This idea that the “normalcy” that currently constitutes modern society, is some meaningful bar to be measured against is absurd. It’s the worldview of a nihilist who lacks any willpower to change the world into something he believes in.


    1. It’s more that I don’t want to change the world into Jim Crow era America.

      “The partisan wants to change the law, the criminal break it; the anarch wants neither. He is not for or against the law. While not acknowledging the law, he does try to recognize it like the laws of nature, and he adjusts accordingly.”
      ― Ernst Jünger, Eumeswil


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