Turbo Killer Pt 3 by John Smith

In their great reunion hall, the various responsible Goodies were all reunited around their circular table, under dim lights.
“We have no idea of what is happening, do we, colleagues?”
“No, we are facing a crisis. It has been a few months, and it became worse and worse. We still have no idea what this entity is searching or what she wants from us.”
“Who did send her? Is she an assassin?”
The vultures looked at each other, undecided and panicked.
“Let’s be clear, there is no reason for us to fight between ourselves At this moment.
This menace is external, and we should treat it as such…”
“Of course! After all, we struggled together to create our nation, this nation…we cannot just let this black swan to destroy everything…”
Another one pointed a finger towards him from the opposite side of the table.
“Stop being that pompous now. We all know what we did to get yourself where were are….”
The previous yelled, “ You should thank me and all the other members of our circle for making the same choice! What would you do in this situation! Let’s hear!”
The room then got filled with shrieking and feathering swapping around, becoming similar to a nest of hens.
“Colleagues, colleagues, we should remain calm! In any case…if we let fear dominate us, any hope to fight this terror that looms over us is doomed to failure. We should discuss the true nature of this menace and individuate a resolution. According to our actual informations, what do we know?”
“Nothing: there was no possibility to recognize the nature of this person, this entity…through security or technical consulting. It has been impossible to track the equipment, except for maybe a few items that have been clearly stolen from Lyla’s arsenals…but it seems this person appeared out of the blue. There is no other political powers that could want to destabilize our order or assassinate us and our agents and executors…unless it happened to be external from our stellar system.”
The vultures watched each other, scared.
“But then, it must be someone that remember us from before the war, before we entered hibernation and our stellar system remained isolated…there is a selection of hypothesis that we could evaluate…”
“We should evaluate if any of our old enemies are still alive in other regions of the cosmos first...”
“True, but have we got any other rational clue at this point…?”
“The sign…”
That sinister muttering interrupted the conversation and all other side talk at the round table; the vultures turned to one of their members, which had a thousand yard stare.
“It’s the punishment for the pact we took years ago…we knew this moment would have come…”
Many vultures shrieked angrily their feathers, “You should close your mouth, instead of accusing all of us of an unsubstantial crime!”
“What we have done years ago…we have done it for the peace and the welfare of this stellar system, and for no other reason…that is why we pledged our loyalty to the Putrid King!”
They all moved their pecks downwards.
“We knew there could have been risks…”
“You are saying we are getting punished?”
“We are protected by the sign! The sign of the Putrid King protects and guide our action for the good of civility and wealth.”
“What if the sign wanes or flicker…”

“Shut up!”
The Goodies were staring each other with sincere hate and resentment, other gazing at the shadows around the room.
“We mustn’t let this event shake our unity, in any case…”
“It seems some ring in this chain are weaker than others!”
“Are you starting to accuse people, now? With what authority?”
“You, you are all lacking respect to our assembly!”
Soon the hall became like a rumbling tavern, where the dignified Goodies started now brawling and rolling chairs between themselves like thugs; feathers, papers and other articles filled the air with the room, while
insults and offenses were shrieked without any remaining trace of etiquette.
“Stop, stop, stop!” One of them jumped over a table shaking his wings to reclaim attention, but got hit by a calculator to the forehead, falling down.
Two Goodies were strangling each other, another stabbed one with the broken leg of a chair, another one got an eye pierced; quickly the brawl degenerated in a violent altercation with blood splattered on the
carpet and the furniture.
Then at some point, the lights disappeared and everyone still standing was engulfed by darkness.
The cussing stopped and everyone looked around dismayed and terrified, uselessly trying to find a light to turn up.
“It’s here…it’s here…”
“Why do we deserve this? There is no reason!”
“Please help us, Putrid King…”
One of them leaned his head up, trying to turn on a portable torch; he believed he saw to eerie yellow light looming in the darkness. he lit one off the wall of the room, and his heart almost stopped when he saw it.
A tall figure, standing over seven feet, a dark shape cloaked in a large black trench coat, the only note of colour a red band around the neck and those glimmering eyes with a fiery, almost fire-like tendency.
One vulture shrieked as he spotted, in penumbra, a reptilian squared muzzle similar to that of a crocodilian with a grim smile of pointy with teeth, surrounded at the side of the cranium by bone horns and surmounted by a crest, creating the mask of a prehistoric extinct monster, in the place where the masked head was before; the skin, in contrast with the clothes, was of an almost shining electric blue, like lapislazzuli.
The entity was grinning.
“Why are you doing all of this?”
The entity hissed “All these words, these cluttering nonsense…it is so boring, do you understand? I am here to make you stop…stop saying gibberish.”
The entity opened her jacket and pulled out a long metallic object.
A rotating cannon erupted in fire into the darkness, reaping the survivors of the brawl.
Then the image flickered, and finally it disappeared.
“Oh please, yes, it is finished…I couldn’t watch more…”
The registration changed into a blue void, sign that the video ended.
The observer blinked, still staring at the screen uncertainly.
Then she pressed a button and as the screen flickered, the vhs was ejected from the reading device, leaving her in complete darkness.
She lighted a candle up, revealing her features: the young face of a female, intelligent hyena, adolescent with round trait; she was dressed in a modest nun attire.
“But what does this mean? And why the canoness did asked me to find this tape?” she thought, full of doubts “ This tape must have centuries…did that planet even exist? Who recreated this history…and which meaning could have? My Lord…it’s so violent, so obscure…I must consult the canoness about it…but what is that entity? A pagan goddess? An…an angel of vengeance?”
She pulled the vhs tape inside a box, closed it with a lock, then did the sign of the Cross.
Then, she trespassed out of the archive, closing the large door behind her.

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