Transgressions 1 by Jackson

The Doll (Maquette for The Doll’s Games), 1938, Hans Bellmer

Walking in the snow
With the wind blowing across my eyes
My winter eyes, piercing through the flakes
That stop our hearts—I came up to the woman
Her cherry lips stuck out from her snow body
Jade eyes penetrating my skull,
There I stood in front of her
Her statue only slightly shorter than mine,
Yet there she stood like Jesus, eyes like Heaven
My eyes: infernal flame consumed
Her eyes: pure heaven
Her gentle nature looked down upon me like a cowhand staring at a calf
Without a mutter of a single vowel,
I wrapped my body around her like Cthulhu capturing a ship
I felt her cold, icy hands grab my back
Moving, with the grace of a pastor’s blessing
She dug deep into my skin with her obsidian nails—digging deeper and deeper
Her lips prepared for our unity of salvia & decomposing bacteria
As she opened her mouth, it was pure darkness
An abyss of unknown opened before my very eyes
It was the instant I saw it that I went in to kiss her cherry lips
As we kissed more and more, her nails dug deeper and deeper
Her hands, moving at a fast waltz’s tempo
Ripped and veered, creating a linocut out of my back
Yet as I kissed her more, a taste of meat flung into my mouth
With the drip of fluid much like that of a juicy steak flowing down my lips
I kissed, faster, faster, and faster
More and more meat came into my mouth
The sweet taste of juniper berries filled my mouth
Her nails dug so deep into my skin meanwhile that I felt my veins getting reorganized
Yet I did not care, for the taste in my mouth was so good
That the pain accompanied me merely served as a side dish to the pure taste on my tongue
As I moved my tongue through her mouth,
Savoring every piece of flesh,
Her hands stopped moving and her nails dug their grave in my back, leaving a mosaic
Slowly, every part of her body became one in mine
Her teeth, eyes, mouth, and neck became one within me
Then her stomach as I leaned more in to devour her insides,
Slurping up her intensities like noodles,
Reaching down more and more
Devouring her abdomen, I reached down
To feel her cunt, still throbbing—had red wine flowing down onto the ground
Staining the snow like the decay of an angel,
I devoured it too, then her legs, then her feet
Eventually, I came down to the snow
With its red wine all over it, I drank it
Until nothing but the tundra below remained
My back, still with her hands in, felt the wind attempt to form ice around the mosaic,
But twas in vain for the infernal fire
That coursed through my veins
Melted all snow and ice that came near it
As I walked back to where I came from,
Snow melted all around my body;
Suns formed in my eyes,
My body ached like that of Apollo.

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