Transgressions Number Two: Portrait of a Young Lady by Jackson

Françoise Pascal in The Iron Rose (1973), Dir. Jean Rollin
Her body laid on the forest floor,
Wilting and withering at every passing second,
Her eyes of a marble doll, with still the energy of youth,
Rolling in the bath of blood, puss, mucus, and aqueous humor
Looking past the sharp corner of the tree’s tippy-top, to the sky
Where Sin stared back into her eyes, as her right one began melting into a primordial soup
Flowing out of her socket like a reverie, the soup poured out onto the green grass,
Staining it to make a darker green, ripe for Demeter’s harvest,
Sin stared into her left eye, sinking in like an anchor falling to the bottom of the ocean,
As her left eyed jumped from corner to corner of its socket, the glare of the moon lit up
Her ribcage, with her heart, lungs, and intestines revealed much like the smile of hooker,
Flowers with the colors of a rainbow bloomed, delightfully facing towards Sin
Right before the mouths of their pistils opened up and consummated her lungs,
Flowers blooming everywhere, only to then consummate her,
As she tried to open her mouth to ask for a resounding “why,”
A centipede crawled out of her mouth, and began taking sips like a cat drinking milk,
Of her eye, all the while Sin continued to look at her left eye, waiting for her to fixate
With maggots eating her uterus from the inside out, she felt an extreme pain
Upon when she felt, she fixated directly into the eye of Sin like a fortune teller in their ball,
At that very moment, Sin began to lower herself to her as fire engulfed Sin’s eyes
She looked up at her, with pure seduction, with the maggots creating entry for Sin,
As Sin came closer and closer to her, the flowers danced and pranced to twilight’s moon,
She prepared her lips for the union of Sin’s lips, and as Sin reached to her,
Eloping her hands on her check, gently feeling the rotted flesh of her cheek,
Caressing it much like a mother with their newborn, she pulled her head towards hers
With her head detaching from her body like the petals of a dandelion,
With blood spewing out of her neck and her eyes still locking in place with Sin’s
And with the fluid of her eye flowing on her hand like a river,
Sin embraced her

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