New Generation Reading List and Guide by Crux

New Generation is a Communist/Futurist organization led by Crux of Promethean Magazine. If you are interested in Communism or Futurism from a Communist perspective you should give them a follow on Telegram and consider joining their chat. The following is a recommended reading list for New Generation and a guide explaining how to use it and what it is for.

The New Generation Reading List 

Phase 1: the Conquest over the Sun with a grain of salt/there are tenets in here that later Futurists rejected and so does the new generation such as Patriotism and scorn for women)

Phase 2: A long Interlude

Phase 3: the Light at the end of a Dark tunnel and Prospects)

Phase 4: Capital with a K

Guide for the New Generation:

A operational Manual for those serious about being involved with TNG

  1. Purpose of the Reading list
  2. Structure and Local Cadres 
  3. Propaganda and Distributing

It is not simply enough to believe in something, you must be willing to dedicate yourself to it. It is Always easy to proclaim pureness for the sake of appearance and nothing else, just the appearance which millions view as real. Alas it is not, you must be all or nothing in the face of your views with no middle ground to hold you back, you must be the Daring one who is willing to throw everything away if it means absolute victory.

This is something Communists have forgotten, they have substituted Narcissism and Nostalgia for Principles as they replace Marxism with Moralism. We stand on the shore of a boundless sea but instead of looking at it they prefer to look behind them, they look for easy distractions from the Alienation they feel. How perfect it is to have that luxury, to completely distract yourself because our current future is so bleak and instead of embracing our anger we prefer to divert it to distractions and spectacles. We are standing on the shore of a boundless sea and a great wave is coming to kill us all.

It is my hope in a New Generation and in the Coming future communism that keeps me going. It is this that drives me to write this document for those who are also fed up with nothing being done, who are tired of distractions and wish to Organize a truly revolutionary organization.

The Purpose of the Reading list

No revolutionary organization is built on ignorance, it is built off education. 

This is the reasoning behind the New Generation reading list. It is a mixture of Futurist manifestoes on topics such as art and music next to Marxist texts which cover basic Philosophy and Economic theory, The New Generation is a Communist Futurist organization so it is imperative to have a solid understanding of both subjects before being able to start branching out and educating/organizing. 

The reading list is broken up into 3 phases. Each phase has its own name which is meant to characterize each phase to make it easier on the user to be able to differentiate and place a human-like role to each of the phases, the first phase is titled Conquest of the Sun. This is a reference to an old Futurist play that depicts a group of artists trying to destroy formal logic itself (or the preconceived notions we assign to formal logic) and this is exemplified in those whose first experience with Marxism/Futurism will be this first phase, they will be beginning the conquest the sun in the form of reading Marx or Marinetti for the first time.

Brief Interlude:

Now I will not be preaching how you should read these texts or the conclusions you take from it, I will however be contextualizing the Futurist manifesto since there are parts in it that would be off putting to people.

Examples being:

“We will glorify war—the world’s only hygiene—militarism, patriotism, the destructive gesture of freedom-bringers, beautiful ideas worth dying for, and scorn for women.”


“We will destroy the museums, libraries, academies of every kind, will fight moralism, feminism, every opportunistic or utilitarian cowardice.”

The New Generation rejects Patriotism and scorn for women. we promote Proletarian Internationalism and the destruction of Tradition, the Tradition of the nation state being among them, why should it be the proletariat who uphold the Nation-state? Why should the proletariat worship at the altar of the forefathers of Rome and Washington? Why should the Proletariat not worship its own creations? 

We have no more in common with another American than we do with a Brit or German, with a Turk or Mexican, Nationalism/Patriotism is nothing more than identity cowardice that cloaks the fear of confronting the beast before you. True pride comes from victory, True victory comes from conquering the past and building something New.

The New Generation also rejects “Scorn for Women”, if we want to destroy the past then why should we uphold traditional gender standards and opinions?

Back to the Manual:

Structuring wise it is mandatory to have read Phase one and at least half of the second phase before being allowed to start Local Cadre’s(I will touch on this later). This is to safeguard the appearance of the organization from ignorant mistakes of those who are under-educated in the Beliefs of said organization, this is what i will refer to as the “Self-Educational period”  if you have already read most of what’s included in the first phase and second phase then you are well on your way out of the self educational period.

The self-educational period should take more than two or three months, the overall reading list should take at least five to seven months, two to three if you are reading it nonstop and with zero interruption. After the self educational period is done, it is important to begin building a local reading group and cultivating a sense of camaraderie amongst the members of it, help the newcomers with the reading list while also continuing your way down the list.

If you already have a group of people who are interested in the organization or futurism then merge the self education period with the reading group period and read the text together which will build camaraderie early on, it is recommended you do this if you are not comfortable with helping educate groups of people.

The last two Phases are the longest and the most dense content wise and where you will find most of the meat of the reading list, Phase 2 being titled “long interlude” and Phase 3 being titled “the light at the end of a dark tunnel”, out of the two it is the latter that is the longest and in my opinion the most satisfying, it is the end of a journey.

Structure and Local Cadres

A Cadre in the Marxist definition is any small group that is still in the process of learning, and is still trying to organize itself as the local section of a larger organization/party; there must be at least 5 members before being considered a cadre. The cadre is of course the nucleus of every new revolutionary org. So to TNG it is also the nucleus for our organization, education and agitation are imperative to our operations and will be the main tasks of each Cadre in the foreseeable future, but what do these actions look like?

The first one is organizing reading groups, as discussed prior. That is one. The second is the creation of propaganda, we need to be able to get the word out about our Organization and our beliefs (what is the point of screaming the love of danger if nobody can hear us?). Creating posters and fliers that convey our messages, Zines that carry our poems and manifestos calling for the great fire that is to be set to the current world.

The creation of a Leadership council(the number of members will be determined by the number of members) that runs on popular sovereignty within the group is how the cadre’s shall be led, instead of a figurehead it will be led by a council that is revocable at any time. To prevent corruption leadership meetings are to be held openly, Heads of propaganda and other infrastructural matters will be led by a Head who is chosen by the Leadership council and picked from volunteers, if the volunteer is incapable of fulfilling the duty they volunteered for they will be allowed to step down, if they falter or procrastinate while still proclaiming their willingness to the task they are given. Then they will be kicked from the organization for lacking the convictions needed to maintain their position. 

Bylaws will be decided by local cadres but must be approved of by the National Committee for the sake of consistency and to avoid any opportunistic bylaws that put the integrity of TNG in jeopardy.

Below the cadre there will be Pre-operational agitation groups for those who have not reached the 5 member minimum that will be led by the founder of the group and will step down from their leadership position as soon as the Pre-op Agroup has become a Cadre.

Propaganda and Distribution:

On the task of Propaganda and Distribution, it is the duty of every serious member to create and distribute propaganda related to the organization. This can take the shape of anything from posters and stickers to zines and flyers, the national organization will create propaganda with the purpose of being distributed as well. Do not worry if you are not prepared for the immediate production of localized material.

Some tips for creating propaganda 

  • Make it look crisp
  • Make it catch the eye with snappy designs
  • Look to the Agitprop of the Russian Futurists like Alexander Rodchenko for inspiration
  • Try to push the boundary of every piece you do. Do not fear the new
  • Use free graphic design software programs like G.I.M.P
  • Use a varying degree of colors but do not fear using simple black and white, it might not seem eye catching at first but the use of interesting design mixed with the contrast of the two colors will catch the eye

Some tips for distributing propaganda

  • Use wheat paste instead of tape when putting up flyers
  • Focus your propaganda at high points of traffic like parking lots and alleys
  • In rural areas place your propaganda on light posts outside of churches and other meeting places
  • If there is a community board put your propaganda on it, do not be afraid that people will get mad (attention is attention after all)

We do not wish to simply deceive people as that would be stupid, it would be a waste of time. We wish to pull the wool over their eyes and pull it off the show them the mirror they have been ignoring, the feeling of pure euphoria to trick a Stalinist into agreeing with Nazis not because we want them to become nazis but rather to show them the flaws of Stalin and his opportunist ideology, we want to trick a nazi into agreeing with Trotsky because we want them to see that the only way forward is through Communism(with an extra irony that it was a jewish man who they were agreeing with).

Propaganda and other related actions will be our main source of recruitment and attention gathering.

Cowards refuse to adapt and that’s why they fail but we refuse to fail and that’s why we will win. Outsmart the enemy and use their own tools against them by tricking and hoodwinking our way to the top, this will not happen overnight and it sure won’t be an instant success and we should remember that we must also focus on building ourselves up as a legitimate organization. We must remember that for every action we take we learn from that action and for every lesson we learn we will continue marching forwards with commitment towards victory.

Pretend to be someone you are not, worship at the altar of fake gods and pray to their feet with the purpose of usurping them. Sneak into a theater under the guise of a happy couple and then throw leaflets of another organization with the intent of making the audience hate the other organization, pretend to be a Maoist and only speak in Deng Xiaoping quotes to mock their belief in Red Capitalism. Who cares? It is not you who is being tricked, it is those who would wish us to stay irrelevant and those who directly are our competitors , but we Futurists aren’t very good at being quiet or lively. What we know is conflict and hollers.

If there is anything that I want to come out of this is to inspire those who are hesitant about becoming serious to finally take the step across the shore and fight the incoming wave, The New Generation has so much potential. Both the organization and the actual generation of young people who do not wish to continue deluding ourselves into thinking the coming revolution will not come, that it is our place to die in the office and assembly line, on the battlefield and the hospital bed. What I want is to inspire genuine action rather than the cynical clout chasing that has become the norm among socialists, and if it is just me then I’m fine with that, because even then it meant that I would have tried and continued fighting for myself and my class.

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